What is visual storytelling?

A SlickFlick story is a series of slides you create using images, characters, stickers & text. You view stories one slide at a time in the iOS app or share them on the interwebs.

The ultimate fan stories platform.

Game & toy characters.

Use your favorite toys and cartoon characters in your creations. New characters are added constantly.


These small elements add more personality to your stories and come in many shapes and sizes.


Add dialogue in your stories or talk to the reader by using one of the many fonts available.

Stories are better with friends.

Start a story and invite your friends to collaborate on it.
Ask to join stories but any creator in the community.
Endless amounts of fun ahead!

The ultimate fan stories platform.

They’re called collabs.

Stories authored by multiple users are called collabs. Start your own or join an existing collab.

Neverending stories.

As long as someone has something to add, the story will never end. See where this takes you.